Plants ... Who Cares?

As a biology teacher I've often found it very difficult to get students interested in the botany section of our curriculum. Truth be told, I find it difficult to get myself interested in the botany

Tiny Zoo

I've observed an interesting phenomenon during my time as a biology teacher. In general, one of the first questions I will be asked by students entering my class is, "When are we going to dissect

All The Things

My wife and I have a joke about doing "All The Things". The basic idea is that there is always something sitting on the brain that needs to be taken care of, attended to, or

Decision Time

As you will read in our Week in Review below, last week my Disease and Society class had a decision to make. Sofia is our weekly reporter, so I will let her tell you about


To say that City of Medicine Academy is blessed to be located where we are located would be an understatement. From our location in Durham between Duke and Roxboro streets we are 8 minutes from

Makerbot, Lend Us a Hand

Dear Makerbot,

Your products are fantastic, really they are. I applaud your desire to make 3D printing technology accessible to the common person and ubiquitous in classrooms across the country. Looking towards the future I