Fare Thee Well

Dear AP Biology,

The end of a school year always brings a bag of mixed emotions. On one hand I am just as excited for my summer break as you are, but on the other

CCD ... and ... Exams

I won't lie, this post is intended to kill two birds with one stone. I'm a bit behind in posting the week in review, so I'm going to get two weeks with one post. Unfortunately

The Time Has Come


Every August I tell my wife, "It's August, that means that it will soon be Christmas, then May." While an obvious exaggeration, this statement feel entirely real. For some reason my perception of time changes

The Week in Review

By Ram Reddy

I find it kind of funny. 30 minutes ago I sat down to write up a post of the week in review. Rather than accomplishing my intended goal of writing up a brief intro to

An Ode to Group Work

Oh group work, how I love to hate thee.

In your grips the strong struggle and the weak float.

You bring creativity to the blank and befuddlement to the enlightened.

Such a confusing thing you

Breaking News

While I am writing about teaching strategies, I might as well toss out another favorite. I love to give students a complex challenge and a seemingly impossibly short amount of time in which to complete