A Word of Advice

They, whoever "they", are say that we should learn from those that have gone before us. That we should not make the same mistakes that have already been made. Each year I have the opportunity to welcome many students into my AP classes. For a lot of the students, especially in AP Environmental, its their first go round with an AP class. To say that the transition and adjustment is difficult is an understatement. For many it is like running headlong into a brick wall. For the first time many of the students are faced with the need to put in time studying or have to grapple with the reality that they won't be able to get an A on every assignment. Obviously, most students find this new reality difficult.

Thankfully, there are many who have gone before them and can offer advice. If you've followed this blog, you know that my AP Bio students are required to put together a weekly post in response to some question. Last week, they were to write about the advice that they would give to a student who is taking their first AP class with me. These students have been with me for three quarters of the year and for many of them this is their second time in one of my AP classes. These two factors make them uniquely qualified to provide advice. As is generally the case, I was very impressed with the words that had to offer. So, below you will find some of their quotes and links to their full posts. I would recommend checking all of them out. APES, this  was put together for you. Take advantage of their wisdom.

  • Don’t feel obligated to act like the superstar student you think you have to be. - Alana Lee
  • Slacking off is not something that you would want to do in an AP class as you have done in a regular core course. - Autumn Brown
  • Your grade will fluctuate, don’t freak out!!! - Asia Johnson
  • GROW UP! AP classes call for a maturity level most high school students aren’t used to. - Jarrett Bumidang
  • If you don’t understand what is being taught then don’t keep quiet, ask for clarification. - Amayrani Calvario
  • Study daily - Niya Carrington
  • If you’re struggling with the class, then stay after for tutoring, improve your study habits, and actually read the assigned readings each night. - Kristen Ellis
  • Time management will probably the single greatest skill one could gain and master during high school. -Auon Syed
  • During tests, do not panic. - Abigail Williams
  • I make sure I ask my peers for help in areas I don’t understand. - Toni Madugu
  • Doing test corrections will not hurt you they can only help you if completed the correct way. - Kaliah McGirt
  • DO NOT FREAK OUT if you get a grade you consider “bad”, “terrible” , “horrendous” or “atrocious”–all words I’ve used to describe Bs or below. - Yaa Ofori Marfoh
  • Mr. Kite appreciates students who work extremely hard for that C more than he does a student who doesn’t really put forth an effort for that A. - Shiyan Shoyoye
  • We all struggle during school and if this is your first time ever “struggling” in a class, then that’s okay. - Justin Quimbo
  • You actually have to think and apply what you learn. - Suleima Reyes
  • Work Together!Iris Sullivan