In a sunny corner on the second floor of City of Medicine Academy sits Lab 207. Every day students meet there to investigate the world around them. It might be a bit of stretch to say that students are always awe-struck by the information that they discover, but 207 is a place more engaging than most.

This website will be your connection point for the classes of Lab 207. Every week one student will be assigned as the class reporter. On Fridays their report of the week will be due and over the weekend their account will be posted. Hopefully these reports will provide a small insight into the world of 207.

If you’ve been keeping up with the blog for a while, you will certainly notice that things look a bit different. The site has been pared down to focus on that which is truly important: the work of students. You'll still find links for each of the individual classes in the main navigation. Those class indexes will contain the posts for that class, for this year and prior years. They may also include examples of exemplary student work or anything that I (Mr. Kite) think may be relevant to the course.

You are welcome to give your feedback in the post comments! Through your contributions, this site will see the same transition that’s happened in my classroom: from droning monologue to lively dialogue.