Air Pollution

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This week's review of APES comes from Hannah Olaniyan and Kristen Ellis.

Hannah Writes,

In the beginning of the week, we started learning about water pollution and how it affects the organisms that live in it and that rely on it. We also learned about the different methods of cleaning human waste water, either through a septic system or a sewage treatment plant. We then learned about other pollutants that affect water throughout the week. We then learned about the ozone, either as a harmful or beneficial gas. On Thursday, we started a four station lab, which we learned about “acid rain” and the ph of certain substances. We finished the lab on Friday. I think the lab on Thursday was a great way to learn material, and the fact we talked about it after brought it all together.

Kristen adds,

Monday started with a water treatment lab, but as we progressed through the week, our focus switched from water pollution to air pollution. We learned about the different pollutants,where they come from, and how they have multiple effects on the environment. Like putting sulfur oxides and nitrogen oxides into the air can affect not only America, but other parts of the world as well. Pollution is a global problem.We learned about the formation and destruction of ozone. Thursday’s lesson consisted of notes and a 4-part lab that talked about acid deposition and how it affected the pH of certain substances and even soil. We wrapped up the lab on Friday after taking a few notes. Throughout the week, we discussed the City Plan component of our project whose due date has been pushed back to November 14th.