An Ode to Group Work

Oh group work, how I love to hate thee.

In your grips the strong struggle and the weak float.

You bring creativity to the blank and befuddlement to the enlightened.

Such a confusing thing you are.

The wise opine that success is through you alone.

That the future is paved with innovation through collaboration.

Is this so?

Scanning the landscape it seems there may be truth to these words.

No longer do men toil as machines on a line of assembly...

or women as the keepers of the home.

The landscape has shifted.

Offices are devoid of cubicles.

Organizations are devoid of hierarchies.

No longer does the individual rule.

This brave new world is collaborative



They say you prepare those who see your value for the future.

Do you?

Or do you simply bring pain.



Time shall tell, oh group work.



Whatever they shall choose to call you.

So tell me ...

Will I benefit from your strife?