Body (Part II)

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The light at the end of the tunnel has become become blinding. The soldiers of AP Biology have marched through the body and are in the middle of wrapping up the last unit, ecology. To say that they have endured would be an understatement. More accurately they have overcome. Only a couple of weeks and the AP Biology exam will be upon us. We've finally made it back into a normal class rhythm. So, that means that we have a couple of review pieces for the week of 4/16-4/20. Our offerings this week come to us courtesy of Hannah Olaniyan and Avienna Simpson.

Hannah Begins:

This week in AP Biology was quick and at least very interesting. On Monday we watched Khan Academy videos and jigsawed with other members on various topics from our study guide section about the brain. On Tuesday, we played a challenging, and exciting game of jeopardy that almost ended with a twist but prepared all of us for the upcoming test. Speaking of the test, we took the (dreadful) test on Wednesday and it took all period. On Thursday and Friday, we broke into ecology! A very interesting topic that I have a secret love for, which is also helpful review for APES students.

Avienna Concludes:

So this was our second to last week of actual learning material, so needless to say, many of us were excited. We've been covering the human body, which is something we all are pretty good at (This is City of MEDICINE Academy). Wednesday was our test, *insert breath of relief here) and then we started Ecology, which is probably the simplest thing we've done all semester. Who's ready to take the AP test and be done with the beast that is AP Biology II?