So, if we are to be honest, I've lost track of where we are in our weekly report of what has been happening in class. I guess being out 4 or 6 class days across two weeks will do that to a person. Anyway, I just ran across two fantastic posts from Karylle Abella and Alysha Higgs. I'm pretty sure that it recounts the week of April 2-6. Later this week we should be back on track with a full recount of last week's (4/16-4/20) festivities. 

Karylle Writes:

This week in class we talked about digestion, blood circulation and respiration in class. During the week, we learned about blood circulation. It was actually quite interesting – relearning the whole process. Although, I’ve taken countless science classes I still had to read how blood travels throughout the body. I have always been a big fan of the human body and the processes that occur, but the digestive system was something that I never found as interesting compared to the other systems. Though, I still manage to learn and listen in class. How? Of course, it was through Mr. Kite’s love of butcher paper and drawing things. In conclusion, we also found out that Mr. Kite was going to be leaving for the next couple of days. Thank god, we survived.

Alysha Continues:

Last week we took the plant quiz and started on another unit. We began the week talking about how animals got their nutrients. We discussed the human digestive system and made a poster on it. I personally had lots of fun trying to draw a person and track the flow of food through the digestive system. Secondly we went over the different types of circulation and the differences between them.  We also tracked the flow of blood from the lungs, heart, and the rest of the body. Thirdly, we went over respiration and tracked the flow of oxygen. I personally had a lot of fun this week. I found that these chapters were pretty easy to review. I just hope next week goes well too!