Crossing the Finish Line

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At 1:00pm on the afternoon of January 4th, 2012, 17 students entered Lab 207. They had no idea what awaited them. Some had just finished up a semester of AP Environmental Science with me, but most had never been in my class. As that day began there was a tangible blend of excitement, anticipation, and fear. That day we began running. Running through a curriculum as dense and thick as the afternoon air of Florida in July. Most AP Biology courses have the luxury of time. There is a year allotted to their study. They can explore deeply, discuss, and maybe breathe on occasion. We did not have such a luxury. The students of AP Biology had 90 days to digest a 2 semester college course. Whines were frequent and many late nights were shared by all, but today we stand on the other side. Rather than shrink back from the challenge, those 17 students conquered. They pushed forward. And they overcame. Regardless of the test scores that come out in July, I am extremely proud of the way that AP Biology pushed forward, had fun, and pursued knowledge. It is my hope that all of the students took away something from the course.

As has been tradition, we have a couple of final Week In Review (5/7-5/11) pieces. Our final installments come from Trang Le and Zain Syed.

Trang Begins:

This week was particularly uninteresting concerning lessons surrounding biology, only due to the fact it was exam week and class time was purely devoted to review. The structure of class was adequate in preparing me for the AP exam to come. The short topic reviews that Mr. taught was effective in refreshing my knowledge of the subject. Along with all the study materials he posts, he does his job in making certain students like me excel on the exam.

Zain Concludes:

This week in Biology (May 7-May11) was rather interesting. If there was a week that could sum up all that we have done in AP Biology, then this was the Mother of all weeks. On Monday, considering that most people in our class were absent due to AP exam testing, Mr. Kite gave us the period to review for our AP exam ironically. Thanks to Mr .Kite, we had access to virtually unlimited amount of information ranging from 'Khan's Academy' to AP review books. Tuesday and Wednesday were basically a repeat of Monday except that Mr. Kite also added his own, mini crash courses where he would cover a topic (i.e: respiration) in about 15-20 minutes. He repeated this process till the very end of class. Thursday and Friday were exam days as well where basically all of this was on repeat. Frankly, if one thinks about it, this whole week was essentially 'AP biology in 5 days' behind the teachings of the great Mr. Kite