Dear Edmodo ...

I love you ... really I do. You were my first education management platform. With you I confidently introduced my students to the paperless classroom. I've used you to disseminate information, collect homework, facilitate classroom democracy, give shout outs, and flip my classroom. For the past 2 years I've been one of your chief evangelists; conducting professional development sessions, tutoring teachers at my school, and even writing on your blog. You were my rock when subs were in control of the ship and my inspiration when classes fell flat. So central were you to my class that students wrote ballads in your honor. To you I owe a great debt of gratitude.

Sadly ... it seems that you've fallen on hard times. Maybe you've gotten a bit big for your britches or possibly your developers have worked one too many late nights. I don't know what it is, but I can confidently infer that a rapidly growing user base has not served you well. For the past two years your system has operated flawlessly. As year three has dawned, the honeymoon seems to be fading. My email is flooded with files that student's couldn't attach, systems log me out, assignments appear blank, queries move slower than molasses, and quizzes freeze mid brain cramp. Oh, and while we are talking about quizzes ... there seems to be a funny tendency to lock on students while they work. Is this the system becoming distracted by another LMS flying past?

I don't want to move on. Your system is fully featured (mostly), I know how to use it, and students are trained. If, however, I can't have confidence in the basic functionality of our relationship ... I fear that I must look towards greener pastures. Edmodo, I beg that you won't go the way of other once great sites. Don't become the ill maintained and shoddily coded shell of formerly great site that grew too big too fast. I want to continue fighting for you, but you'll need to give me a reason. The assignment's in your court now. What will you do?