Environmental Musicality

Each and every class that I've had the pleasure of teaching during my seven years has had its own unique personality. Some have been tight-knit, some have been sarcastic, others have been creative, and none have been like any of the others. This year's APES class is unique for a couple of reasons. First, at five students, it is the smallest APES class I've ever had. At first I thought this could present a challenge to discussion and class activities, but I've come to find that it's been quite the asset. The students have become a little team that is totally invested in helping one another succeed. Second, as a consequence of the small size, they've become quite comfortable with one another, which has lead to some unique creative endeavors.

One of my favorites has been Nya and Tapanga's raps. At least once a week I task the students with teaching one another some topic. Never content to just present the information, Tapanga always finds some way to work the content into lyrical beauty, with Nya acting as her backup. I've had students rap in class before, but never with such fluency, creativity, or confidence. It's been really fun to hear their work, and it's had the added benefit of actually helping the students retain some of the information. So, thank you to Tapanga and Nya for all of your educational entertainment and thank you to the rest of the class for providing a safe environment for them to exercise their creative skills.

This week's review is brought to us by Tapanga Parham (APES Rapper in Chief) who has included the lyrics to agricultural rhyme.

Tapanga Writes:

This week has been quite intriguing. We are learning about agribusiness and how it relates to agriculture. It is interesting to see all of the components that go into agriculture because it is good to know where your food comes from. My personal favorite is the rap that my friend and I made (posted below this). Not only this but I enjoy that I can connect this to my everyday life. I did not realize how much I was wasting and where my trash truly does when I throw things away. Ive learned that being more conscious about the things that you dispose of could not only save the earth but it can be cost effective for you. I also had the experience of being able to have an idea about the categories that I'm good and bad at on the final exam. My test analysis gives me a perspective that I might not have otherwise gotten. I love APES!

Agriculture Unit Rap:

Only take what you need.
Don't succumb to greed.
Food is taken for granted by developed countries.
If you don't want the food.
You should try to reuse.
I hear compost from food is good for ya dude!
Buy the food naturally, its good for the earth,
It gave you life, now help it rebirth!