Fear and Testing

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For AP students there is no fear like the fear of the first test. If I dig way back into my brain I can kind of remember what it was like. Not knowing what kind of test the teacher would give. Would it be hard? Will I understand the questions? How does the teacher grade? So many questions and fears. In APES we have been progressively working our way into the wild world of AP testing. The testing environment has been progressively tightened with each test. The post below reflects upon the first test that the students took in class. I'll let you read that to get a real sense of how the students were feeling.

I think the students' terror of the test was matched by the joy of receiving their caterpillars. The class has spent the last couple of weeks researching the efficiency with with caterpillars convert food into body mass. Two weeks later, the caterpillars are starting to form their cocoons. We should have butterflies shortly.

As you can see, there has been quite a lot going on in APES. Please take a moment to read Ana Ocegueda's relfections on the week of 1/28-2/1.

Ana Writes:

This week started off without Mr.Kite, to the dismay of many of my fellow classmates. On Monday we did some book work and studied for the very feared test on the following day. Jeopardy, Quizlet, notes, book. Repeat. I guess that was what every student was trying to do.

Finally, the dreaded Tuesday came and we were given 20 more minutes to prepare for the test. To the joy of many, the fire alarm suddenly rang and we all scurried downstairs and outside. When we came to 207, that joy was over, and Mrs. Graham passed out the terror of the test. Everybody's eyebrows were furrowed in deep concentration as time went by. After the test, you could say everybody's brains were fried.

Wednesday came and Mr. Kite was back. It was an early release day and everyone looked normal in regular clothes. This day was probably one of the highlights of the week. Everyone got in pairs and each pair received two caterpillars.(It was pretty funny to see who would touch the caterpillars and who wouldn’t). Mr. Kite then instructed us to first put caterpillar food(yet a mystery as to what exactly it is) on the bottom of each cup, weigh it, and then put our creepy crawlers inside and weigh it again. Oh yes, we were about to take care of real, live critters.

Thursday came and we started learning about a quite interesting topic- populations. We learned how they grew and how they shrank and what characteristics a population has.

Finally Friday came and Mr.Kite wasn’t here again due to him being sick. Who was here instead? You guessed it! Mrs. Shearer! After a few minutes of instruction, Mrs.Shearer took us outside to do a quite interesting activity involving deer, resources, and a couple of wolves. In the freezing cold we pretended to be deer or resources or wolves and saw how a population can grow or shrink due to the availability of food or resources. Quite an interesting week indeed.