Fonderie 47

I originally put up this site with the intent of showcasing my students' work, allowing onlookers a peek into my classroom, and providing the occasional resource. Today, I break from that mode, if only for a moment. As many of you know, my favorite website is As I perused their articles today I ran across a piece about Fonderie 47. The story goes, that as the founder of this company traveled Africa he was stricken by the sight of teenagers carrying AK-47 machine guns. So often, shock is the impetus for inspiration. His solution to the gun problem in Africa? Sell amazing jewelry to fund organizations that are destroying guns.

The reason that I present this story is that I am inspired by people who tackle real problems using innovative methods. Also, I have a soft spot for those who aren't afraid to risk failure for the reward of doing something significant in the world. Ultimately, that is why I educate. It is my hope that I might be able to provide at least a couple of my students with a skill, or motivation, or knowledge that might propel them to do something new and real in this world. May we all take a cue from Roland Iten and risk doing something innovative that makes the world a better place.