Freshly Pressed

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It's official, the school year is in full swing. I know, a couple of weeks ago I put up a post about about the school year getting going, but we are in the thick of it now. Classes are 3 weeks deep, students are getting grades, tests are being taken, projects turned in, and I'm getting know students.

Since the school year is finally a real thing, regular installments of the Weekly Reporter are back. Just as a refresher, each week a couple of students from each class write up a post about what went down that week. The Earth Science classes have not yet sent in their first reports, but today we do have an initial offering from Justin Quimbo of AP Biology.

Reflecting on last week (Auguse 13-17) Justin Writes:

On Monday, we started learning about macromolecules. First we talked about experiments being done such as the Miller-Urey experiment which was conducted to see if a molecule found naturally, could be made. Polymers and monomers were our next topic. These two were then broken down into how each were made, examples of monomers and polymers, and the structure of each. After covering the basics, the rest of the week was used to study specific macromolecules. The first was lipids, then the topic was broken down into fats, and more specifically saturated vs. unsaturated and the differences between them. The next macromolecule we studied, and arguably the most important one is protein. During this session, we went through protein functions, structure (Primary, secondary, tertiary, and quaternary), and what each structure is made up of. Also when we learned about proteins, we also talked about amino acids and what makes them different from each other. The last macromolecule we studied was nucleic acid. One of its main functions was producing DNA an RNA. And between the two, we studied and talked about their differences. Nucleic acids also have different bases called pyrimidines and purines which have differences in structure. During class we also had to do book work which consisted of questions we learned to answer through lectures and homework. Also, we had a case study during class which talked about sickle cell anemia and its causes and symptoms, and what kind of impact it had with student athletes, and whether or not they should be tested for the disease.

Next week we will be back with another installment. Until then I would recommend a quick jaunt over to Justin's blog.