Last week (1/30-2/3), as is the case with most weeks in AP Bio, was a whirlwind. Most everyone is happy to be clear of energetics and off into the relatively calmer waters of genetics. In the flurry of last week's activity, a couple of common themes emerged, energy generation and determination of sex. SEX!? That's right, as Srija Yargaladda writes in her weekly review, it isn't always easy to tell male from female.

Srija writes:

I think we can all breath a collective sigh of relief now that the test is over. Last week, was quite interesting. We moved through an array of topics. We finished talking about Photosynthesis. We did the lab on the plants. We talked about genetics. Most importantly we studied for the test and took the test. I found so many things interesting that I don't know how to pick one thing. So, with random chance I will talk about the case study we did on Friday. I never thought that it would be so hard to say is someone is a male or female. It turns out that you have look at the genes itself. You can't just look at the effects (Reproductive Organs, Menstrual Cycles, Estrogen, Etc.) If a person has an XX it doesn't guarantee that they are female. If the SRY gene in them is on, they (according to some) are male.