Gotta Push Through

If you've kept up with the news at all, you are probably well aware that the South was effectively closed last week. Apparently there was a bit of a storm. Now, I will do my best not to be one who passes judgement, but an early release, 2 snow days, and a delayed start for 3 inches of snow? Honestly, I would not complain about the welcome break days, but now my spring break has been adjusted to makeup for lost time. Speaking of lost time, or losing time more accurately, APES is losing days before the AP Exam (which doesn't shift or move in response to some flurries). So, much to the chagrin of the citizens of APES we had to make do with the time we had last week. That meant compressing some classes and making sure a test still happened (even if they did have only a short time to take it). The class trooped on masterfully. I didn't hear many complaints and it seemed like everyone was game for the challenge. That's just my perspective, though. For a more accurate look inside the heads of the students I shall offer up this week's edition of the week in review. Brought to you by Yajayra Orozoco and Kayla Whitt.

Yajayra Begins:

Throughout this week we weren’t in class much because of the snow. Missing 2 days,and having 3-hour releases/ delays meant that Mr. Kite had to reschedule his plans. The time we did spend in class we discussed the kickoff for our fish projects. Also, we were at the end of unit 2, and preparing ourselves to start off unit 3. Due to such little time in class, our schedule to do certain things was in a disorder and meant that were behind schedule. Sadly, this did not interfere with having our test, but it did minimize the amount of review that we were able to have in class. Friday; Unit 2 test day! (Classmates were reviewing, studying, and cramming themselves with information). So many things to do with little time, because of this some of my classmates and even myself forgot that our fish “tanks” were suppose to be set up by Friday, but in my opinion there was only one group prepared. The rest of us had nothing.

Kayla Concludes:

During the week of January 27th through January 30th, we focused mainly on reviewing unit two for our test. Because of the glorious snow days, we were unable to attend class all five days. As a result we were forced to effectively cram preparedness. In an effort to do this, we discussed the biomes, specifically focusing on their differences and what effects humans have on them. We also worked on solving math problems relating to the growth of coral reefs in the ocean. I learned how to thoroughly solve problems involving area, volume, density, and scientific notation.