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Somehow a new year has begun and I am left wondering, as always, where the time has gone. Three weeks ago I bid farewell to my Disease and Society class and am now left with only memories. For the past couple of years as I've kept this blog I've been good at posting student project work as the projects have concluded. This year, not so much. On paper, it looked like this year might be easier (can anyone say two planning periods) yet with new initiatives, random responsibilities, and ever increasing leadership opportunities the time got away from me.

Enough excuses. My intent in writing this post was to take the time to feature some of the best work produced by last semester's Disease and Society class. Unfortunately, I will not be able to feature all of the incredible work produced, rather I will offer a "best of the best". I hope that you enjoy, and please feel free to comment on the work or pass along suggestions for improvements to the projects themselves.

Unit 1: Why is public health controversial?

Unit 2: How were epidemics handled before modern medicine?
By Thomas Moorhead, Maya Gouw, and Marquette Cates

[audio mp3="http://thelabatcma.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/Leprosy-Podcast.mp3"]

[audio mp3="http://thelabatcma.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/Leprosy-Podcast.mp3"][/audio]

[audio m4a="http://thelabatcma.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/BlackPlagueAbel.m4a"][/audio]

Unit 4: Why might your generation not live as long as your parent's generation?

Tackling Obesity: By Abel Bautista, Crystal Parks, and Sohrin Parveen

Obesity: By Thomas Moorhead, Maya Gouw, and Kristin Ellis

Unit 5: What is the TRUE cost of one night?
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Unit 6: How does poverty impact life expectancy?
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By: Ari Holmes, Jzamaneke McMannus, Linda Yates, and Ajewel Leak