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"... Which lead to the development of a species known as homocreepians." This is what happens when you ask a brilliant class to imagine conditions under which a new species of humans might arise. To say that they never cease to amaze me would be an understatement. More on that little exercise in a moment.

It's over! The first semester has come and gone. As is the case with nearly every semester, it seems that I stepped into an August time warp and was spit out sometime in December. Next thing I know, it will be May. This semester was fun. I truly enjoyed the adventure into flipping the classroom and have thoroughly enjoyed stretching my wings into the freedom afforded by a yearlong class schedule. I eagerly anticipate the new semester. There are some new tricks and projects up my sleeve for which i am eager to see the outcome. Speaking of projects, be looking for a post on the recently turned in HIV projects. They were great!

Before ending the semester, I have one small piece of business to tie up. It seems that I have gotten a bit behind in posting the week in review. What else is new? Anyway, we shall close up this semester with contributions from two of the super sophomores, Niya Carrington and Suleima Reyes. Both posts reference the ridiculousness that ensued when, talking about evolution, I asked students to imagine a scenario by which a new species of human could arise. I was envisioning actual, plausible events. The class, however, is apparently a bunch of budding sci-fi writers. I must say that their take on the assignment was much more interesting than mine.

Suleima Begins:

The week started off with the class writing a story about allopatric speciation and sympatric speciation and how those types of speciation can cause evolution to occur. For example, in my story a volcanic eruption caused the Earth to split in half. Overtime, the harmful chemicals in the air caused a new species to evolve which were the homocreepins. This was an example allopatric speciation and prezygotic habitat isolation. Later in the week we learned about Hybrid Zone. In a hybrid zone their is a mix of different species. We got in groups and read an article on Hybrid Zones, which wasn’t the easiest article to read. On wednesday we reviewed and did some practice problems. Then thursday we took the test on Evolution. It was also a week to catch up on the project for HIV. I can feel the stress of finals already, this week would be layed back before we got into the week of Finals.

Niya Concludes:

This week in AP Biology the class paired off into groups and completed a narrative story that described a scenario about a tragedy occurring causing a new species to be formed on earth. The stories that were created were very funny and had interesting content. I think that was a very good way of helping us to visualize and get the concept of prezygotic, postzygotic and the different types of speciation. The class also worked on finishing up last minute work with the last part to the HIV Presentation and other classwork that needed to be done. Mr. Kite was kind enough to push back the date that the project was due and also gave us class time to work on it.

Since final exams are coming up most of the class has been reviewing and studying for the test. There has been quite a bit of anxiety going on from the students to see if they were exempt or not and also some challenges put on by Mr. Kite to get the class hyped up about the exams.  There weren’t a lot of things that we did this week but this is a short overview of the final week before exams.