I come to class ... sometimes

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So ... this semester has been ... busy. I knew I was in trouble the other day when I sat down to figure out how many days I've missed during the past 9 weeks and I couldn't figure it out. Sad thing is, I've only been sick once. Such is the life of an over involved teacher involved in several school projects. The students have been good sports and soldiered on very mightily. My absences though are starting to take a noticeable toll. Evidenced by the fact that today we had to cover all fossil fuels. It was tough, but we made it. Thankfully, this coming quarter should not be so bad.

I mention all of this as an intro to this week's edition of the week in review. My intention was to get all these posts out before the 3rd quarter comes to a close. So, reporting on the week of 3/11-3/15 we have Mya Sales, Ruth Baakoi, and a very funny submission from Shariar Nasiri.

Shariar Begins:

This week was down, right the worst week of my life. JUSTKIDDING!!! But really it wasn’t such a great week. The fact that ourteacher Mr. Kite wasn’t here ruined EVERYTHING. Monday our teacherleft us a terrifying worksheet that seemed so easy when I first looked at it, Ilet out a humongous “HA!” Then suddenly once I started, it all magicallybecame deadly. “What kind of Sorcery is this?” I said. The first coupleproblems I was like “Piece of CAKE”, then the next one “Oh okay”. Thenthe bottom “ERR MAH GERD!! WHAT IS THIS, ROCKETSCIENCE?!?”. Then we had to take a whole bunch of notes, which wasextremely lame and boring because Mr. Kite wasn’t up in his usual spotexplaining everything and answering my ridiculous questions. Also we had aTEST (notice how I didn’t say quiz). Now this test… This test was a littletoo not easy. PLUS we had no Mr. Kite to review. It was RIGHT afterspring break, which made is even more terrifying. I’m pretty sure almosteveryone took a deep breath, and prayed before they started. As if studyingall night for the test the night before wasn’t hard enough, someone scheduleda FINAL QUARTER project the very next day. I don’t want to name namesbut his name rhymes with “Lance Bite”. Anyways, I think almost everyonewas prepared for the presentations. It was a little nerve wrecking to mostpeople. Everything seemed very interesting. From Ailin’s group’s prettymodel to Shahriar’s amazing video (ME!). I think Mr. Kite was extremelyimpressed with the results.Everything is coming to an end for this quarter. And Mr. Kite isputting in Final grades and students are stressing and a little mad for havingto go to school on the 15th. I know I was. Though all in all it was a GREATquarter with Mr. Kite. I learned a lot and I’m sure whoever is reading thisdid too. I also can’t wait for the next quarter project!! (Sarcasm) I hope thenext quarter goes as well as this one. No wait, BETTER.

Mya Continues:

This week in APES, we did a lot even when Mr. Kite was out the first two days of theweek. Monday, the class was given an efficiency worksheet to better our knowledgeof how to calculate and solve efficiency problems. At the beginning of the semester,we were all taught of how to do it, but we needed to refresh our memory. Tuesdaywe took a test that some people felt they would fail. Wednesday we began to presentbiomes projects that we were given when we started this semester. The class endedup carrying two presentations over into Thursday because some classmates hadn’tattended school the day before. Once everyone presented we rated each group’spresentation and had to vote which groups project was the best. When all of thiswas out of the way, we were planning to use the rest of class to learn some newmaterial to begin our new quarter. The class was saved by a fire drill! The fire drilltook longer than we all expected, so we saved the new material to cover on Friday.APES class has had a pretty busy week this week and it won’t be the last. I hopeeveryone enjoyed class this week and is ready for another next week.

Ruth Concludes:

On Monday we had a substitute and she had us do efficiency problems onEdmodo. At first it was difficult for some, but as we got more into the problemswe were able to understand better. The next day Tuesday we had our EarthSystems test. There were some classmates, along with myself, that were nervousfor this test. We took about 10 minutes to study for the test. Afterwards somepeople did nor finish.On Wednesday Mr. Kite came back to class, no substitute. We did ourpresentations and graded each group. There were two groups that went onThursday because the time for presentations had run out. So on Thursday wealso graded our team members. Now today is Friday and we will be going aheadand turning in any missing work. Also we have reading to do over the weekendas we did each night of this week.