It's Over

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This semester in Earth and Environmental Science has been an interesting one. As a teacher I have been regularly pushed and stretched in my approach to student learning. I have the class of 2nd period Environmental Science to thank for making me a better, more creative teacher. We have had some really good times and excellent discussions. As you have seen throughout the course of the semester, this class has produced incredible projects relating to many different topics. So, to close us out we have two final Week in Reviews (5/7-5/11) from Jarrett Tharington and Kezajiah Houze.

Jarrett Begins:

Last week on Monday we turned in our volcano and earthquake projects. We studied about natural resources, and how energy is made and distributed. Energy can be made by a thermal power plant, wind mills, solar power and hydroelectric power. We also learned how to be made more energy efficient and ways to save and conserve energy.

Kezijah Concludes:

Last week we learned about renewable and non-renewable resources. Also the difference between energy efficiency and energy conservation. I found out that fossil fuels were not made from actual fossils. LOL. But that they are substances like coal, oil, carbon, and natural gases. Also that coal and oil are made from living things. Renewable resources are any sources that will be replaced naturally in a reasonable amount of time. As for non-renewable resources, they cannot be replaced once it is completely used up. energy efficiency means to get more but use less. And for conservation, you can conserve it by not using it at all. Ways to conserve energy is to unplug all objects when not in use. Also walk or ride bikes instead of drive.