Let it Snow!

Let's just suffice it to say that we had one full day of school last week. Though, in that short time we were still able to get something done in AP Bio. More on that in just a bit. Before that, though, I'd like to take a moment to comment on the fact that my classroom presently looks like a nature center and I love it. AP Bio is currently running a plant breeding experiment, a plant growth experiment, and a plant transpiration experiment. Consequently, the grow cart is running full blast and the room is full of plants. APES is doing an ecochamber assessment with fish and studying the trophic efficiency of caterpillars as the grow and change to butterflies. So much fun and such a good argument for freeing up class time through the practice of "flipping" the classroom.

Now, back to last week. This time around our week in review is brought to you by Ana Gomez and Lily Pham. Hope you enjoy and if you get a chance, let us know how your snowy week went.

Ana writes:

The biggest thing that happened this week was the snow! Because of it, we only went to school one full day and that day was dedicated to a lab. The lab was titled cell respiration. We were to measure the oxygen consumption during respiration in two different temperature baths for peas. In each bath, we had three different vials with respirometer in it. The vials contained germinating peas, dry peas and small marbles, and marbles. We used the marbles as a control for the pressure. If the pressure in the room had changed, the respirometer of the marbles would catch on to that. During the experiment, we would measure, in 5 minute intervals, the level of oxygen in the vial. From our data, we concluded that the germinating peas in the warmer bath had a higher level of oxygen consumption.

Lily adds:

During this week in Mr.Kite's AP Biology class we did a lab testing cellular respiration or oxygen consumption using peas. In the lab we used germinated peas and dry peas. After the experiment we concluded that the germinated peas and the dry peas in the room temperature water both dropped in oxygen consumption. While the germinated peas in the cold water dropped in oxygen consumption and the dry peas increased in oxygen consumption. We also continued our quarter project growing plants. Many of the groups showed drastic changes and the plants were different colors and heights. Overall this was a fun week in Mr. Kite's AP Biology class.