Little Fatty

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The weeks already seem to be getting away from me. I find it quite unfortunate that I am not getting around to posting the week in review until it is already a week old. Consider this a "vintage" edition of the week in review. Slapping "vintage" on it makes it cool. Right? Anyway, the week being reviewed was August 20th-24th. As you will see in the reports the students were tortured with a Monday morning test. After that, however, it seems that things were not so bad. 

For my part I must mention an activity that went much better than I foresaw. The students were learning organelles (hopefully reviewing is a more accurate statement). My thought was that giving the organelles a personality would help the students to remember their structures and functions. So, each pair of students choose an organelle. Using the characteristics of their organelle they created superheros. Once created, superhero names and charateristics were posted on the board and students had to guess which organelle was represented by each superhero. Thus was born "Stacks on Stacks on Stacks," "Little Fatty," "Ninja Jinja," and many others

So, without further adieu, here are the week in review submissions from Kristen Ellis Amayrani Calvario, and Autumn Brown The links on their names will take you to the posts on their individual blogs.

Kristen Begins:

Last week was all about cells, a relatively easy topic after taking Monday’s brutal test (slight exaggeration). Even though some of you may think we completely bombed the test (and we did), our class average was 15 points higher than the normal average. Go figure! On Tuesday, we learned about cell comparisons foucsing on surface area and volume. The lesson was accompanied by an online activity where we had to graph data in order to see the correlation between SA and Volume. Wednesday had quite a twist on the lesson, unless making supeheroes in science class is normal for you, where extra credit was also involved. We divided into groups to make different heroes that represented differet organelles in the endomembrane system as well as chloroplasts and miochodria. Some of the best names were “stacks on stacks on stacks” by Alana Lee and Khalia M., “little FATTY” by Jarrett Bumidang and his partner, and lastly “Dr. Eupepsia” by Asia Johnson and yours truly ;) . Thursday was a relatively normal day centered around cell membranes and membrane proteins. We learned about HIV (a useful disease to know in any science class) and its history including the real Patient Zero. Who knew chimps and a raging French-Canadian could cause so much trouble? Friday’s lesson was on osmosis and diffusion with a dash of waer potential. We finished out class with some concept check questions from 7.2 and 7.3 and a review worksheet that can still be found on edmodo. Thanks for listening :)

Amayrani Continues:

Another week has flown by in AP Bioloy. Some us understanding what was being taught and some still confused quite a bit,  however grasping it little by little. We started off the week like usual with a brain teaser and as usual I did not know the answer.  After the brain teaser Mr. Kite gave us a few minutes to review for our test. The rest of Monday, August 20th we spent doing our first test. What was the test about? Well mostly about marcomoleules and the types of bonds that form and water, the material we had learned and had been taught the prior weeks before we took the test. Once our class had completed the test our teacher told us we had to do a blog on how we were preparing for our futures and that was our homework for that night along with the first video of our second unit.

The next day we started talking about cells, which as mentioned before was started by the video cell comparison the night before posted by Mr.Kite on his website That same day we did an activity which we worked in groups of two to complete. We had to find the relationship between surface area and volume, we later learned along with our teacher’s knowledge and our knowledge gained from the activity that in the beginning surface area is bigger in a cell than volume but as the cell starts to get bigger volume tends to grow exponentially and surface area tends to increase slowly not as much as volume. We answered questions and graphed our data that we got from our activity and submitted it by finishing it up with an analysis and a conclusion.  That was that for Tuesday.

On Wednesday, however, we, as usual started off with a brain teaser. Once we were done with the brain teasers we were asked if we had any questions about the video we had to watch the previous night and reviewed what some of us did not understand. From there we went ahead to grade our free response essays I guess we could call them, but not our own free response questions but rather of our different classmates. We were given a rubric on how to grade the essays and what and what not to give points for. Once we were done grading free response questions we were given some time to work on our preojects .

On Thursday we started class as usual and reviewed the video from the previous night which was  cell membrane and we discussed the Fluid Mosaic Model and how its basicaly all about movement and how the phospholipids are not bounded together so that is why they are always moving.  We then heard/ watched a podcast/slideshow(created by our teacher, the slideshow that is) about HIV and how it enters one’s body and they mentioned project Zero and explained what that meant and where supposedly HIV originated from.

We completed the week by reviewing our videos of cells and its organelles, durinig the week we also did an activity where we had to work in groups and we were given an organelle and told to make that organelle a superhero and we had to describe it and the rest of our classmates had to decipher what organelle it was. I actually liked that activity because it helped understand the roles of the organelles of the cell. We also did comprehension checks on water pontential and the cell membrane and that concluded our 3rd week in AP Biology.

Autumn Concludes:

We continued working in unit 1, macromolecules, to prepare for out first unit exam/test. Each day we were required to watch videos at home and take notes on different sections pertaining to the unit. Every morning we were greeted by Mr.Kite and then we began the daily brain teaser where everyone in the class had an opportunity to guess the answer to the riddle for a chance to win extra credit points on an assignment by the end of the marking period.

After the brain teaser we began class with any questions that we had from the video the night before. Once all questions had been answered we began our actual review and had the opportunity to add a couple of other key points into our notes .

Instead of conducting a lab like we did the previous week, on Monday we took our very first AP Biology test. We had majority of the class period to work on the test; completing both the multiple choice and the free response. A couple days after the test, we were handed back the free response and our assignment was to read and score the essay that we had received, at random, according to the AP rubric. Without “knowing” whose essay we recieved, to protect others privacy, we were able to read through the essay as if we were the AP reader and not only score the essay, but perhaps get an idea of what the reader would have looked for had this been the actual free response.

In addition to taking our first test, last week we began the next unit on cells and prepared for our next lab! :)