Natural Monsters

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I must apologize. I have gotten behind on blog posts recently. If you regularly keep up with the happenings of Lab 207 you will have realized that it has been over 2 weeks since we had any new information from students. I'm trying to get caught back up. For today's Environmental Science offering we step back into the past (3/26-3/30). In those good ole days we were studying severe weather. I find killer storms fascinating and I know that there were several students that found the subject to be at least intriguing. To get us back up to speed this week, we have a past offering from Crystal Parks.

Crystal Writes:

Last week we had a really interesting topic that i believe captures everyones attention, tornados and hurricanes. Over the course of the week we looked at what are the causes of these natural monsters, their characteristics, as well as the damage that they can do. I found it interesting to look at the video clips during class which further explained theseĀ forcesĀ in nature. Also we looked at thunderstorms. We found out the process that forms a thunderstorm as well as the conditions. Two important terms that i think should be remembered are updraft (warm air rushing up into the cloud) and downdraft (cool air falling down from the cloud). For me personally this whole entire week has been interesting because even when I was little I have always been fascinated by these phenomenons and this week has given me as well as others more insight on the matter.