Over the Past Nine Weeks ...

Readers of this blog know that I have recently been engaging in a blogging experiment with my AP Biology students. They are required to keep a blog for the class and almost weekly I assign them some sort of prompt to think about. As we have recently begun our second quarter, I asked the students to write a bit about what they plan to do differently during the coming 9 weeks. I received lots of excellent thoughts and deeply reflective posts. This one from Shiyan Shoyoye stood out though. The reason that it stood out is that it demonstrates that school is about much more than memorizing facts and figures. Below is the entirety of the post. If, however, you would like to check out the original, as well as, many other fantastic posts, you can visit Shiyan's blog here.

It’s actually pretty crazy for me to think we’ve come this far already. It feels like it was just yesterday when I was sitting down anxiously waiting for the first day’s instructions, only to be given an assignment where the class would become a collective unit with the hopes of completing the objectives given while our teacher silently watched us interact with one another. During the quarter, we were introduced to our basic Biology concepts, but in more depth than I could possibly imagine. To pique our interest, we had labs and concept checks that further allowed us to explore the concepts we’d be learning, from energy coupling, metabolic pathways, and even an introduction to the cell cycle.

There are several that I’ve learned from this past nine weeks.

One, I LOVE BIOLOGY! I never, ever thought I would like science this much. I originally took this class in the hopes of just doing cooler experiments, and while that was only one of the elements of the class, we were also challenged to understand concepts and apply them to real life scenarios. Many of my past science teachers tried to do this, but more often than not, they were unsuccessful. I would be given grades ranging from 50-75% if experiments were done incorrectly, or a weird look if I had a question about something that might seem trivial to the teacher. But in AP Biology, being wrong and asking questions are actually okay. I have gained a new appreciation for science that I never thought I would have.

Second, I know that a good grade in the classroom is earned, therefore I will work my butt off. It is actually pretty rewarding to earn a good grade for working hard. Who would’ve known? ;)

I’m glad to be part of the best science class in school (cheesy, but true).

Thanks for reading.