Education Needs More Artists

Keynote address given in collaboration with my student, Sofia Ocegueda, at Scaling STEM on April 15th, 2015. My apologies for the poor video quality.


POV ... Pizza Over Vegetables? Polite or Vociferous?

Point of View

Any person who is familiar with the fine art of an argument is well aquainted with the truth that an argument cannot be won unless

Snow Match for the Internets

Growing up, my heart leapt at the mere mention of a snowday, for I knew that a snowday meant that I got to stay home and relax. Maybe I would build a snowman or watch

Plants ... Who Cares?

As a biology teacher I've often found it very difficult to get students interested in the botany section of our curriculum. Truth be told, I find it difficult to get myself interested in the botany

Tiny Zoo

I've observed an interesting phenomenon during my time as a biology teacher. In general, one of the first questions I will be asked by students entering my class is, "When are we going to dissect

All The Things

My wife and I have a joke about doing "All The Things". The basic idea is that there is always something sitting on the brain that needs to be taken care of, attended to, or