Plants (Old News...)

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I must apologize. I have gotten behind on blog posts recently. If you regularly keep up with the happenings of Lab 207 you will have realized that it has been over 2 weeks since we had any new information from students. I'm trying to get caught back up. For today's AP Biology offering we step back into the past (3/26-3/30). In those good ole days we were studying plants. I myself, am not a huge fan of botany, but there were several students that found the subject to be at least intriguing. To get us back up to speed this week, we have past offerings from Marissa, Tarynn, and Srija.

Tarynn Begins:

This week in AP Bio was more about plants. We learned about the processes of xylem and phloem in the plant. There was also a lab we did that showed rates of transpiration under certain conditions. The labs are always somewhat challenging so of course there was a class discussion. We learned of the functions of certain hormones in the plant. We had study guides for each chapter to further help us understand concepts. Our study guides, lab, and discussions were all used to prepare us for a quiz on Monday. Hopefully everyone does well!


Marissa Continues: 

This week we went more in depth about the structures and fuctions about a plant. Angiosperms specifically was discussed more in depth as far as seed dispersal goes. Friday we discussed growth of plants and the negative and good that effects plant growth. Dealing with growth and functions of plants, we got more specific and identified how receptors recieve signals, then the signal is transducted to the relay molecules, and finally one of the molecules activates the signaled function. We did a lab that signified the varied rates of transpiration in plants in certain conditions. We discussed water potential in plants. Water potential is measured by MPa. The equation to measure water potential is PSI= PSIs + PSIp. Something to keep in mind was that water moves from high concentration to low concentration.


And Srija Concludes:

This week we talked about what I thought was pretty interesting- plants and their characteristics. Though I wasn't there for most of the lab, we also did Lab 9 on transpiration. I thought that the chemical responses and the hormones that the plants used was really cool. I liked the way that Auxin does a lot of things though I think the plant response system is pretty inefficient.

Look for more current posts in a couple of days.