The second semester is off and running. With the dawning of a new semester, I have a new set of classes, and thus a new set of students. It took a little bit to get our weekly reporter program up and running, but now I think we are good to go. Our first Earth Science week in review (1/16-1/20) is brought to you by Monica Toomer.

Monica Writes:

This week we learned about minerals and the three different types of rock. We learned that minerals are inorganic with specific chemical compositions and a crystalline structure. Every mineral has its own chemical structure and there are six crystal arrangements. When atomsĀ arrangeĀ themselves in geometric patterns within minerals. Also, we learned that Igneous rocks form intrusive and extrusive rocks when magma cools and when lava cools. Sedimentary rocks form when snow, wind, etc. breakdown rocks and they collect and grow through lithification. metamorphic rocks form when rocks experience heat and pressure from the crust and begin to melt just enough to change them. Then we discussed how the formation of these rocks fits into the rocks cycle.