Almost exactly one year ago, I embarked on my journey as a Kenan Fellow. Going into the experience I knew that I would be doing an externship with North Carolina Prevention Partners then writing a PBL unit based on my experience with them. Little did I know that my experience as a fellow would completely transform my teaching trajectory. This post isn't about that, though. Really, what I would like to do is spend some time highlighting the terrific work produced by my Disease and Society class as a result of their interaction with Shorted.

The project, Shorted, required that the students conduct an in-depth investigation of the American Obesity Epidemic and produce a public education campaign based on their findings. They were then asked to secure 400 view of their campaign. In retrospect that number might have been a bit high, but I give the class credit for making a valiant effort at reaching it. Presentation day was fantastic. Annie Thronhill from NCPP joined us as we spent some time celebrating the accomplishments of the students. All of their products are featured below. I hope that you will be as inspired by their work as I was. If you are interested in bring the project to you class it should be going live in the next couple of months on and the Kenan Fellows lesson page.


Modern Day Epidemic - An informational webpage by Homero Plancarte, Chelsea Williams, Ashley Lennon, and Perla Hernandez


American Obesity Epidemic - An informational website by Imani Harris, Tyshawna Green, Alysha Jackson, and Tia Williams. Also, be sure to checkout their podcast below.

Leading Causes of Obesity - Agnes Tucker, Reggie Jackson, and Shashamanne Lemons


Shorted: Your Life in the Balance - By Tyler Booker, Michelle Dewitt, Monica Toomer, and Nia Swain



The Obesity Project - By Ebony Cooper, Aamira Al-Amin, Jatiyah Walker, and Victoria Davis



Generation to Generation - By Olivia Plancarte, Brianna Jackson, Jasmine Clay, and Jamie Oxendine (Hopefully I will be getting a copy of their video soon).


Obesity project from _olive