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My Year With You

Dear AP Biology,

All year long I've asked you to write for me on a weekly basis. Much of the motivation behind the assignments was just to get you writing, because the only way to

Before and After

It's happened again, another year of AP Biology has come and gone. Next week sometime I hope to produce a thorough review of the year (it's been a good one), but at this point I

A New Review

For as long as I've been teaching AP Bio I've struggled with how to best help students review for their AP Exam. It sucks that they only have one shot at receiving college credit for

Finding a Way Forward

I had the pleasure of spending the bulk of last week at the annual North Carolina New Schools Scaling STEM Conference, and was even given the opportunity to give one of the keynote addresses. Dr.

Snow Match for the Internets

Growing up, my heart leapt at the mere mention of a snowday, for I knew that a snowday meant that I got to stay home and relax. Maybe I would build a snowman or watch

Plants ... Who Cares?

As a biology teacher I've often found it very difficult to get students interested in the botany section of our curriculum. Truth be told, I find it difficult to get myself interested in the botany