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Environmental Musicality

Each and every class that I've had the pleasure of teaching during my seven years has had its own unique personality. Some have been tight-knit, some have been sarcastic, others have been creative, and none


POV ... Pizza Over Vegetables? Polite or Vociferous?

Point of View

Any person who is familiar with the fine art of an argument is well aquainted with the truth that an argument cannot be won unless

Tiny Zoo

I've observed an interesting phenomenon during my time as a biology teacher. In general, one of the first questions I will be asked by students entering my class is, "When are we going to dissect

CCD ... and ... Exams

I won't lie, this post is intended to kill two birds with one stone. I'm a bit behind in posting the week in review, so I'm going to get two weeks with one post. Unfortunately,

The Week in Review

By Ram Reddy

I find it kind of funny. 30 minutes ago I sat down to write up a post of the week in review. Rather than accomplishing my intended goal of writing up a brief intro to

An Ode to Group Work

Oh group work, how I love to hate thee.

In your grips the strong struggle and the weak float.

You bring creativity to the blank and befuddlement to the enlightened.

Such a confusing thing you