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We Made It!

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This was my first semester teaching a class that concludes with an End of Course test. I'm sure that many of you are

What is a plant?

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You would think that the above question has a very easy answer. Plants are green, plants need the sun, plants grow, plants use

Xtranormal Creatures

Early last month I ran across xtranormal.com. In an earlier post I wrote about a quick project that my Environmental students did using the application. I must admit, it's pretty cools stuff. Students are

It's in Your Genes

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Ask any of my students what happens in Mr. Kite's class and I am positive that many of them will mention something about

All in the Family

I love exploring genetics with students. There are very few parts of Biology that have such a clear and immediate application to their daily lives. It is fun to help them lay out family pedigree

The Cell Divided

Genetics are often a mixed bag. It seems that students either like the subject or hate the subject. I am not positive, but it seems that most of this class is enjoying our current exploration.