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An Ode to Group Work

Oh group work, how I love to hate thee.

In your grips the strong struggle and the weak float.

You bring creativity to the blank and befuddlement to the enlightened.

Such a confusing thing you

Dear Edmodo ...

I love you ... really I do. You were my first education management platform. With you I confidently introduced my students to the paperless classroom. I've used you to disseminate information, collect homework, facilitate classroom democracy,

The Freedom to Explore

I began teaching AP Biology 5 years ago. In those early days I had a 50 minute class period to work with and an intelligent, but less than eager group of students. Those first couple

Highlight Reel

Somehow a new year has begun and I am left wondering, as always, where the time has gone. Three weeks ago I bid farewell to my Disease and Society class and am now left with

The Color of Your Skin

What questions come to mind as you consider the map below?

Screen Shot 2013-12-13 at 12.54.23 PM



Average Life Expectancy for New Orleans, LA

With this map and question I began the final unit for Disease and Society. This

You Have No Right v2

Freedom and the rights of the individual. Two fundamental tenants of the American way of life. One of the beauties of our country is that, for the most part, people have the ability to choose