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The Color of Your Skin

What questions come to mind as you consider the map below?

Screen Shot 2013-12-13 at 12.54.23 PM



Average Life Expectancy for New Orleans, LA

With this map and question I began the final unit for Disease and Society. This

You Have No Right v2

Freedom and the rights of the individual. Two fundamental tenants of the American way of life. One of the beauties of our country is that, for the most part, people have the ability to choose


It was a good day. You know, that day when you asked that person to hang out and they actually said yes. You went to the mall; got something to eat, saw a movie … things

America's Fat

america,childhood,obesity,global,obesity,health,infographic,obesity-bf3740308103f09330661ccf5c604893_hObesity ... a topic with which America is well acquainted. We all probably know of someone who has been touched by the epidemic. For the past couple of weeks Disease and Society has been investigating the

On the Move

[caption id="attachment_1245" align="alignleft" width="300"]By RevoltPuppy By RevoltPuppy[/caption] The city slowed to a near halt. Schools were closed. Church services were banned. The federal government limited it hours of operation. People were

Tools of the Trade

Necessity breeds innovation, or so they say. About this time last year I was asked to develop a public health course to be run this spring. As a teacher, the ask was one of those