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Decision Time

As you will read in our Week in Review below, last week my Disease and Society class had a decision to make. Sofia is our weekly reporter, so I will let her tell you about

e-NABLING The Future: Part 2 (The Media)

Last week my class became famous ... well at least a little famous. For the better part of a month and a half we have been working with the e-NABLE Project to 3D print and assemble

e-NABLING The Future: Part 1

About this time last year I was in Wilmington, Deleware with my family for a wedding. As a consequence of living on the other side of the country, rarely do I have the opportunity to

Shorted v3.0

Every teacher has a couple of projects, activities, or assignments that they are really proud of. These are the assignments that receive a bit of tweaking here or there, but for the most part remain


Craftsmanship: kraf(t)smənˌSHip The quality of design and work shown in something made by hand

When I hear the word craftsmanship, my mind automatically drifts off to a simpler time where people were defined

Highlight Reel

Somehow a new year has begun and I am left wondering, as always, where the time has gone. Three weeks ago I bid farewell to my Disease and Society class and am now left with