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Makerbot, Lend Us a Hand

Dear Makerbot,

Your products are fantastic, really they are. I applaud your desire to make 3D printing technology accessible to the common person and ubiquitous in classrooms across the country. Looking towards the future I

Fare Thee Well

Dear AP Biology,

The end of a school year always brings a bag of mixed emotions. On one hand I am just as excited for my summer break as you are, but on the other

Dear Edmodo ...

I love you ... really I do. You were my first education management platform. With you I confidently introduced my students to the paperless classroom. I've used you to disseminate information, collect homework, facilitate classroom democracy,

The Nobility of Teaching

noble |ˈnōbəl|: having or showing fine personal qualities or high moral principles and ideals:

A couple of months ago I was selected as a finalist for Durham Teacher of the Year. As part of the

Well ... Now What?

For the past four years, the first week in July has been the most nerve wracking period of the summer. You see, four years ago I began teaching AP sciences. First AP Biology then a

Education Needs More Artists

As a young child I spent most Sunday mornings sitting in a church pew next to my parents. Now as you might imagine, Sunday sermons were not the most stimulating environment for the 10 year-old