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Breaking News

While I am writing about teaching strategies, I might as well toss out another favorite. I love to give students a complex challenge and a seemingly impossibly short amount of time in which to complete

Start an Argument

"Should the government regulate the number of children that families are allowed to have?" This is the question that I've posed to every biology and environmental science class I've ever taught. I cannot count the

The Devices of Memory

For the past several years I've had the pleasure of teaching both AP Bio and AP Environmental. Two years ago the College Board acknowledged the need for revision in the AP Biology curriculum. So, they

Short and Sweet

Rather than a long, drawn-out musing on some topic or other before getting to the students' week in review submissions, I think we are just going to jump on in. Reporting on the week of

Adapt and Overcome

This semester has been all about adaptation. I'm not talking about the natural selection sort that we learn about in AP Bio, I'm talking about the type employed by teachers trying to make it through.

Sustainable Systems and Dashing Deer

After a couple week hiatus, the week in review is back. I must say that the past few weeks have been educational for me. First I had the opportunity to serve as a teacher ambassador