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It was a good day. You know, that day when you asked that person to hang out and they actually said yes. You went to the mall; got something to eat, saw a movie … things

Just Tell Someone

One of my greatest joys, and my AP students' worst fears, is the quarterly project. At the beginning of each quarter I assign all of my AP classes some sort of big project that they

Things Fall Apart


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I know, I know, I know, I have been terrible at keeping up with weekly reporter updates. It seems that my life and

Xtranormal Creatures

Early last month I ran across xtranormal.com. In an earlier post I wrote about a quick project that my Environmental students did using the application. I must admit, it's pretty cools stuff. Students are


HIV is one o those topics that people love to hate. On one hand it is a devastating monster that has dramatically affected the lives of millions worldwide. One the other hand, it is an


So, I just stumbled across the site xtranormal.com. I must say that as a teacher, I see this simple movie creator as a source of endless possibilites. With a couple of clicks and some