The Time Has Come


Every August I tell my wife, "It's August, that means that it will soon be Christmas, then May." While an obvious exaggeration, this statement feel entirely real. For some reason my perception of time changes once I am within the insanity of the typical school year. Days, weeks, and months seem to evaporate and just as soon as it began the year has come to an end. I don't know that I've ever perceived time as moving so quickly as I have since I've been a teacher. Hopefully I am not aging as quickly as I feel the years passing. So, all of this to say that we are once again at the end of a school year. For my AP Bio class that means that their exam is all but tomorrow. In a few short days they shall walk into the testing suite and hopefully crush the exam. I'm confident that they are better prepared than any previous class, but one never can tell how the exam will be constructed. For the most part, though, I can say that they've done their job. I don't know that there is anything else we could do to make them more ready. Well ... maybe a couple of super intense review sessions, but this late in the game I don't know how effective that strategy would be. I'm just going to trust that we've all done everything that we can do to get them ready, and now it is time for them to put all of their hard work on display.

This reflection grew out our week in review from Winta Daniel and Abel Bautista. They took a bit of time to reflect on a time-honored AP Bio tradition; the good ole practice test. Here's what they had to say.

Winta Writes:

Unfortunately, I do not have much to say because I only went to school for two days last week. I could tell you about being stuck at home with a stomach virus, but that might be a little too graphic, so i’ll just talk about my two days. On Monday, the class took an extremely long and difficult test to help us prepare for the upcoming AP Biology exam. Just like any other exam in Mr. Kite’s class, it was timed, about 60 questions, and there was also a math section. Thank God there wasn’t a free response; I hate free response. After that long and dreadful assignment, we were asked to continue taking observations on our algae lab. For my particular group our numbers seem to be fluctuating so we aren’t really sure what that means. However, the next day we continued to take observations, work on our projects, and we played a Jeopardy game to help review for our Ecology test. 

Abel Concludes:

This week in class we all presented with out partners our final quarter project, which was to present our assigned unit to the class and review key points about our unit. My partner and I, had evolution. To be completely honest, we procrastinated for a while but once we started to get closer to our presentation date, we started to work day and night on it This quarter project was very helpful since we have our AP exam on MONDAY! It brought back important information about all the units that might have been forgotten because we hadn’t talked about it in a while. Each group presentations, in my opinion, I thought that they were all great. My favorite part of the week is all the extra credit that we received.