The Week in Review

By Ram Reddy

I find it kind of funny. 30 minutes ago I sat down to write up a post of the week in review. Rather than accomplishing my intended goal of writing up a brief intro to our weekly student contribution, I ended up writing an Ode to Group Work. Guess that will give you a little insight into where my head currently lives. This post, it shall serve as our usual wrap to the week that was. Without further adieu, this week's post comes from the computer of Lauren Moore.

Lauren Writes:

At the start of the week in AP environmental science our class began to go in depth about the topic of the green revolution and how it impacted our world. We learned the components of the revolution, which included mechanization, irrigation, fertilizers, pesticides, etc… We also discussed the benefits, drawbacks, and complications of using GMOs while reading a case study about Bananas. This case study informed us about the injustice farmers received while company’s profit from crops. It also taught us how farmers and companies all want to genetically modify a “Better Banana”. As the week came to an end we began to explore the topic of waste. We began to see that humans generate an abundant amount of waste that needs to be cut back. The “3 R’s” are a strategy that can be used to do that. But it was made every clear to us the best way to deal with our problem of too much waste is to reduce how much we make in the beginning.