It was a good day. You know, that day when you asked that person to hang out and they actually said yes. You went to the mall; got something to eat, saw a movie … things were going well. Your parents were out of town; you had the house to yourself; might they want to come back to your place?

So far you’ve spent $35 on the date. Question is, what could tonight really cost you?

Thus begins Disease and Society's STD unit. For the last couple of weeks students have been investigating the TRUE cost of one careless night of sexual activity. Through the unit students have explored types of STDs, STD prevalence, consequences of pregnancy at a young age, and many other relevant topics. Each student group was asked to put together a Public Service Announcement that could be used to educate the public about the cost of one night. In addition, groups were asked to create infographics as support for their PSA. I was much more than impressed with the maturity they displayed in the handling of a difficult topic and the creativity they exhibited in the production of their products. Below are sample projects from the groups. First, though, a week in review from Nia Swain. Then the PSA videos, followed by their accompanying infographics. All infographics were developed using If this work strikes you please feel free to leave the students some feedback on their work.

Nia Writes:

This week went by to fast as you can tell, or rather slow. We have a new project in Mr.Kite’s class called One Night. I wonder what will we’ll do. We got with our groups again this time to make a list of what are the consequences of an unplanned pregnancy. Next we had to make a prezi that had to have one top consequence, a tweet, Instagram photo, a Facebook post page, and one additional element. Wednesday we work on the project.The class had guests here today and from what i could tell they really impressed. Overall the class is doing awesome.The class is working constructively on their One Night project, hoping to get really good feedbacks from their peers this Thursday. We are almost done just two more days and then we present on Friday.Today’s the day to see, I'll just say it out. I think everyone will do spectacular. If you like it and wonder what happens next just wait and see. BYE!!

Syphillis: By Michelle Dewit, Nia Swain, and Monica Toomer


HIV: By Homero Plancarte, Tyler Booker, and Reggie Johnson


True Cost: By Victoria Davis and Jatiyah Walker


Rumors: By Imani Harris and Tia Williams (Click link to view)


Infographics (created using




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STDs in AmericaSTDsHow You Can Avoid STDs | Infographics
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