Way More Than Bio

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I shall not have very much to say in this post. Really I just want to direct your attention to a blog post submitted by one of my students. This year I am requiring all of my students to keep a blog. It's part of my strategy to help students learn the very cliche "21st century skills" that we should have been teaching 12 years ago when the 21st century actually began.

Anyway, I asked all of my AP Bio students to write a post about what they will take away from their first week of AP Bio. I must admit. I was a little taken aback and more than a little humbled. I had conceived of the week as an intro to a new kind of class, inquiry, responsibility, and team work. Honestly, I would have been happy had they remembered content from the week and maybe one of the other things I was trying to slide in there. As I read through their posts last week I was struck by the lessons that they took away from the first week. My conceived of notion actually worked! Yes they learned about water and such things, but they also learned those meta concepts I was hoping they might absorb. It's kind of neat when things actually work out.

I've already written more than I had intended. I really just wanted to feature this fantastic post by senior Toni Madugu. A teacher hopes for lessons such as these, but rarely do they actually come to fruition. Enjoy the post and leave Toni a comment if it strikes something in you.

What I Will Take Away From My First Week of AP Bio by Toni Madugu