We Made It!

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This was my first semester teaching a class that concludes with an End of Course test. I'm sure that many of you are familiar with the high-stakes testing game. My class and our school is evaluated based on how many students are able to pass their EOC tests. As a teacher it is difficult to figure out how to balance quality learning experiences (which are generally time consuming and deep rather than wide) with time spent prepping for a high-stakes test (which is broad and not deep). Not to mention making an attempt to cover all necessary material (human body in 4 days anyone?). Honors Biology has stretched me as a teacher. I've been challenged to consider how to best prepare my students while giving them the opportunity to engage in meaningful and relevant learning opportunities. I must commend the freshmen and sophomores that made up the body of this class. Daily they came to class, diligently took notes, humored my projects, and generally did their best to participate in the learning experience. Upon reflection, the class was a lot of fun and I think that the students even learned something along the way. Furthermore, I am happy to congratulate the vast majority of the students for passing their final exam.