What's in your food

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A couple of weeks ago the students of 3rd period Biology were tasked with designing an experiment to figure out what is in their food. I was very impressed with many of the experiments that were put together. Unfortunately, I did not receive an "Week in Review" reports that week. Until now! Digging deep into the archives of his backpack, Fabian Medina pulled out the log awaited review. So, in all of its glory here it is.

Fabian Writes:

Today, Wednesday 25, 2012, students participated in a lab activity with foods that the students brought from home. Students were to test the foods with solution like Benedict's (which tests for simple sugars), Biuret (which test for proteins), and Lugol (which tests for starches). Students were to first plant what to bring (materials), what they thought would happen (hypothesis), what regulations to follow to ensure safety and good classwork (procedures), collect information for each item tested with a solution (data), and conclude what happened to each sample.

An excellent recount of the structure of the day, if I do say so myself.