Working Diligently

A final installment of the week in review (12/2-12/6) from Jzamaneke McMannus, Sohrin Parveen, Ashley Peterson, and Ajewel Leak.

Ajewel begins:

Last week, in class we got into groups of 3 to 4 to work on our projects. This project is worth 20% of our final grade this semester and we must come up with our own driving question to answer. To give us some ideas we watched a video about poverty and how it could possibly shorten your life span. In our groups we came up with some ideas, such as education, poor sanitation, low paying jobs etc. As a class, we discussed these ideas and with them we chose one from the list given and worked towards coming up with a driving question. After we came up with a few interviewing/survey questions we passed them on to a peer of another group and got their feedback. With the feedback given each group was responsible for going back and improving their driving question if necessary. We also did some research, filming and any other activities needed towards our final product.

Ashley Continues:

This week we mostly worked on our project. We learned about things that impact poverty. We got feedback on our interview question and/or survey questions. We talked about 5 thing  about a life in poverty that could reduce life expectancy. We learned about what system contribute to poverty. We mostly work on our projects and getting feedback on our projects.

Sohrin Adds:

This week we worked on our projects. We go our surveys together or worked on our interviews. We also worked on our infographics. Wednesday we were supposed to have practice presentations but it was a half day and not everyone showed up. Thursday we had practice presentations we evaluated each group. Friday was first period exams and we presented our final projects.

Jzamaneke Concludes:

This week in classed we worked diligently on our final projects. During class we were given ample amounts of time to collaborate with our group members to work on our project that deals with poverty. Given the time that we were given to assemble our projects we were able to get peer evaluations and opinions from other groups in the class. In class we also talked about contributors to poverty that may cause a persons life-expectancy to be shortened. Also we discussed systems that deal with poverty, that the people cannot necessarily control.