Xtranormal Creatures

Early last month I ran across xtranormal.com. In an earlier post I wrote about a quick project that my Environmental students did using the application. I must admit, it's pretty cools stuff. Students are able to make animated movies by simply typing in a dialogue. After seeing how well my Environmental students did I tried it out on my Biology class. Their assignment was to:

  • Create a video that explained the differences between viruses and bacteria
  • Explain the transmission and symptoms of several illnesses
  • Describe how vaccines work
For the first time in awhile I was actually looking forward to grading the students' work. It's not often that student projects about viruses and bacteria make me laugh. I still have a couple of submissions trickling in (so check back for updates), but I wanted to share a couple of the initial offerings. Enjoy!


Say What Now?
by: IluvHippos

Is it this????
by: m.u

Xtranormal Creatures
by: uncfanforlife77