So, I just stumbled across the site xtranormal.com. I must say that as a teacher, I see this simple movie creator as a source of endless possibilites. With a couple of clicks and some carefully typed words, students are able to creator beautiful animated movies. Xtranormal provides the user with a full toolbox of ridiculous characters, camera angles, actions, and sounds. All the student has to do is write the script and coordinate the characters.

Often I tell my students that they are my guinea pigs. Hey, what's the fun of being a science teacher if you don't get to conduct your own experiments. Anyway, last week my Earth and Environmental Science students used xtranormal to create a quick video about some of the dangers associated with storms. I must say that for only having a day to put them together, the videos came out quite well. This week my Honors Biology students will be starting full projects using the site, so look for an upcoming post with those videos. Until then enjoy our first attempts.


Terrorz Movie
by: mcj2014

by: tharringtonjarrett